What's Inside the Box?

Past Boxes

Our past boxes have included Books, Trainings, Meditations, Hypnosis, Binaural Beats, Journals, Workbooks, Essential Oils and Blends, Malas, Diffuser Accessories, Soaps, Bathing Salts, Smudges. The Value of our boxes is anywhere between $110 to $350

June 2020

'A Journey Up the Chakras - Mindfulness' Box

The Summer 'A Journey Up the Chakras - Mindfulness' Box contains products worth $207. We will be focusing on the lower chakra and heart chakra for this box for grounding and calling in love. There is a reason why so much importance is placed on heart in spirituality. Gratitude, joy, love..these are the most powerful vibrations that you can align yourself with. They make you literal manifestation magnets. 



March 2020

'Money Mindset' Box

March 'Money Mindset' Box contains products worth $358 This month, we will be focusing on Money Mindset & Energy. Learn more about changing your energy around money and how to make manifestation work better for you. In addition, we will work on aligning the root chakra, also known as the money chakra. For balance, we will give some love to sacral chakra to balance earth and water elements and keep things in flow.

February 2020

'Goal Setting' Box

Goal Setting with strategy, manifestation and balance.  Energetically, we will focus on Solar Plexus Chakra for willpower along with Heart Chakra to create balance. The February Box will include Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy (a must read for goal setters) along with a goal smashing course, a binaural mediation and 3 other high vibe products. Bonuses include a companion booklet with alignment rituals and lunar planning and lifetime access to private community.


Need more reasons to sign up?

  • Learn and integrate a new success habit each month through our "alignment first" approach
  • Experience immersive self development through a carefully curated book and online training/workbook
  • Change thought patterns and overcome limiting beliefs through included mindset tools
  • Get into alignment and set your point of intention using the spiritual and self-care goodies provided in the box.
  • Our private facebook community is open to all our subscribers. This community is about empowering and supporting one another. This is your space to connect, collaborate and create with other high vibe soulpreneurs. 
  • Bonus planning tools included to keep you on track and in check.