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Fall Intuition Box


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Product Description

Our Fall Box is all about tapping into your intuition. Value of products in the Full Box is $160+. Intuition is what makes manifestation an easy path. One little nudge can cause a ripple effect and help manifest your desire. While intuition is key to manifestation, it is also one of the weakest areas for the analytical and logical minds. Often times I notice that people ask for their desires, manage to somewhat stay in the vibe of it, but they either fail to receive an inspired action OR they fail to recognize it when they receive one. Many also start working backward and start planning their inspired actions without it actually being "inspired" or divinely guided You see..the co-creation aspect is lost here. You are solo creating. While this approach is not wrong and may work...this is not the path of least resistance. With this box: Along with the physical products you receive, you will also learn the difference between the two. And get the techniques to get out of your head and get intuitive downloads and ideas on demand. You do not have to wait around for your intuition. But rather expect it to come through. And with many of these techniques, it will. Not only that, we will go through all the different psychic centers and determine which ones you are dominant in the most. And use it to your advantage.

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