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Hi I am Poonam, the founder of Soulify Biz Box, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Manifestation Expert. My mission has always been illuminating people's soul paths so they can follow their heart's calling, monetize it, and manifest a life of their dreams. Helping others manifest their passion and monetize is my superpower. I have been doing it since I was a teen in a less formal way, but this purpose has always been in every fiber of my being. You too have a soul purpose....even though you may not see it right now. It is the reason why you are here..why you are breathing. And while what you enjoy doing is a big part of it, it transcends mere pleasure and enjoyment. Otherwise we all would be traveling or watching Netflix all day! You see our Soul Path comes from within. From that place of divinity within us that wants to be of higher service. My job is to help you find that within you and monetize it so you can express it within one of the biggest areas of your life - your business/profession. Getting clear on your soul purpose is the first step. The next challenge is working through those limiting beliefs and energy blocks that pull you away from your gift so you can manifest your desires. With this program, you will get clear on your passion, shed your blocks, and co-create with the universe a life of your wildest dreams. What is included: - 3 month package - total 12 sessions - Unlimited email support in between - Get clear on your purpose, work on your subconscious beliefs, tap into your intuition, and finally money manifestation techniques to monetize it. - 90 day plan - Step by Step Accountability to ensure you take the action and actualize your desire. Investment - $3000 - Payment Plans Available. Contact This is an intense program that requires the same level of commitment. I will hold space for you and also push you forward when your ego tells you can't do it. If you are tired of settling and ready to create your next level income, this is the fastest way to make it happen.

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