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A little about us, and our offerings!

More About Soulify Biz Box

With our fast paced lives, we often need what I refer to as "hacks" to make sure we get into alignment within minutes. These hacks help you get into the flow state fast. This is where Soulify Biz Box comes in. 

Soulify Biz Box is a Quarterly Subscription Box that ships once a Quarter. We include books, crystals, aromatherapy, courses, meditations along with unique planning tools that gives you everything you need to get out of the chaos to a place of zen, sustained productivity, motivation and energetic alignment. 

To learn more about our box or for Vendor enquiries, reach out to us at hello@soulifybizbox.com 

Money Mindset Coaching

Need a more hands on approach to money monifestation? 

Hi I am Poonam, the founder of Soulify Biz Box. I am a Money Mindset Expert, Reiki Practitioner, and a Chakra Healer.

Money Manifestation is all about energetic alignment, and a series of congruent decisions.

  • A decision to co-create
  • A decision to raise your energetic minimums
  • A decision to raise your standards
  • A decision to align your internal state with your desired reality

With this program, you will get clear on your desires, create a plan, and co-create with the universe using the principles of discipline and surrender and get to the finish line you have been dreaming of. At the end of the program, you will be an expert at  blending spirituality, energetic alignment with daily action taking. 

If you  need support with  personalized strategy, hands on planning, and coaching, I invite you to my Coaching Program. 

What is included:

- Monthly Reiki Energy Clearing Sessions

- Goal Setting

- Reframing Liming Beliefs using an in-depth Chakra based approach and other modalities

- A project plan for co-creation

- Alignment Rituals

- Step by step accountability

- Unlimited email access to me

Reach out to coaching@soulifybizbox.com to learn more.