Motivation + Action+ Woo in a Box

A Fully Guided Quarterly Box 

for Spiritual, Driven Women

Fall 'Intuition' Boxes Ship On August 31st.

Limited Quantities. Retail Value $150+


What's In The Box

Every 3 months, you will receive

  • A Guided Unboxing Experience and how to use the box contents 
  • Book(s) on the seasonal success theme
  • Course/workbook
  • Audio resource (Meditations, Hypnosis etc.)
  • 3-5 high vibe, spiritual and self care products (crystals, aromatherapy, smudges) to remove energetic blocks and keep you in balance and alignment. 
  • Energetic focus on Chakras, and Productivity
  • Access to Online Community
  • Soulify Companion booklet, which includes a lunar planner, and alignment rituals.
  • Our Fall box will be shipped on August 31st. Last Day to Order is August 26th
  • $150+ Value for the full box

Why Soulify Biz Box?

I struggled with energy and my vibration for the longest time.

With two little kids, a demanding career, a side hustle, and an autoimmune disorder, it was not always easy to show up with my full capacity. 

Until I discovered the power of motivational books, crystals, essential oils and Chakras. 

I thrived when I utilized this powerful combination and was able to grow my business against all odds. 

Crystals and Essential Oils contain powerful vibrational energy that can be used for alignment and personal power. 



I know what it is like to feel drained and to feel like a failure despite all your best efforts. 

But there is a solution -  the right tools and guidance that will help you master your vibration and give you a sense of direction.

When your vibration is high and you are at your peak energy, you attract what you desire. 

When you learn to master your vibration, you will feel like gold. 

You discover the energy, the confidence, the power you have never felt before DESPITE your circumstances.


To feel like you are just an observer on the periphery, in the midst of chaos, is the gift I want to offer you.

Soulify Biz Boxes include the power of motivational books, productivity tools, and the use of Chakra energy system and vibrational tools to take your energy and motivation to the next level.

So do this for yourself. 

Become a part of the Soulify Community. 

Get the tools and the guidance that will bring out the positivity, the calmness, the groundedness within you.

As a bonus, you get the tools to stay on track and  connect with like-minded women like you who desire the same things as you and are on a spiritual path just like you.

I welcome you to become a part of my tribe.



Founder of Soulify Biz box


How It Works

1. Choose Your Box

Choose between the full Soulify Biz Box  and Soulify Biz LITE. 

Signing up is easy and you can cancel anytime. 

2. Dig In

 Receive 7-8 personal development, mindset and spiritual tools such as books, trainings, audio resources, crystals, oils, and special treats. 

LITE subscriptions get a a book, a digital product and a crystal

3. Align, Act & Connect

Use the contents and rituals  to stay at your peak energy and high vibration. Use the planners to set goals and work towards them.  Connect with like-minded women in our private community.


"I’m so loving this box. It came on time. Everything in it is lining up to what I was working on with myself. I am so excited. It’s like you were reading my thoughts. Thank you so much!!! "

Felicia Fayne

"Just wanted to write and to say that I LOVE this  box! Iike  my Goodness! It just hit my soul like an arrow! I am not kidding! All the great stuff in it plus, the booms! Love it! "

P. Hernandez

"I am impressed by the selection and quality of the products! This box is everything that you need to reach your professional goals. I love the companion bundle and the audio. I recommend it to anyone looking for a little boost to get their things done "

Amy Missy

Get the Fall Box

We ship 4 times a year. Last day to order the Fall Box is August 26th. The Box will be shipped by August 31. If you sign up after the cut off date, you will receive the Winter Box scheduled to go out in November.


How often will I get this box?

Soulify Biz Box is a Quarterly subscription box. We ship 4 times a year - end of February, May, August, and September.

Who is Soulify Biz Box for?

 Soulify Biz Box is for the driven woman who is hungry for growth, self improvement, and energetic alignment. This box has been specially designed to clear your subconscious and energetic 'blueprint' of all blocks and negative charges so you can stay energetically unblocked and empowered.  

What's in the Box?

Every quarter, you will receive a carefully curated book(s) on the Quarterly success theme, a related course, an audio resources such as meditations, hypnosis etc., 3-5 spiritual/self care products such as crystals, aromatherapy, smudges etc. to remove energetic blocks and keep you in a positive vibration.

What is the difference between Biz Box and Biz Lite?

Soulify Biz LITE includes 3 products - A Book, Digital product (course or audio resource), and a Crystal + Printable planners + Access to our Community. Our FULL Size Box includes 6-8 products + Companion Booklet for Guided unboxing and planners + Community Access. Retail Value of the full box is $150+.

I struggle taking action. Is this box for me?

Yes! The full Soulify Biz Box features a companion Planner which includes Goal Setting, Lunar Planning, and other checklists designed to keep you on track. In addition you have access to our community where you can find accountability partners.

I am a Stay at Home Mom. Is this Box for me?

While this box has been designed for women working towards career and business goals, many of our subscribers are Stay at Home Moms and enjoy this box. If you crave personal and spiritual growth and want to stay in a positive vibration, this box is for you.

What is in the Fall Box?

Our Fall theme is Intuition. You will find products, rituals and tools that will make it easy to tap into your intuition by working on your third eye and solar plexus chakra,  The full Box contains a value of $160+. The boxes will be shipped on August 31st.

Can I Join Anytime?

Starting August 2020, our cart will open twice a year to new subscribers. We do this  so we can focus on our box and existing subscribers. If the cart is not open, get on our waitlist so you receive those alerts and we sometimes have flash sales too!